Subscription vs Modules

SUBSCRIPTIONS (Monthly or Annually)– Annual subscription gets 30 Days FREE


The videos that are available with with the monthly Subscription will be marked with a Red Subscription button on the bottom left corner of the video icon.

Included in your  subscription:

  • Access to all subscription training videos – new materials added regularly
  • Comprehensive Library of Professional / Medical Articles
  • Library of Recorded Webinars
  • Cosmetic Gynecology Monthly Newsletter
  • Member Forum – Discussions with other Member Physicians
  • Admission to New Live Zoom Meetings and Webinars

MODULES – Directed Course Study | Certificate of Completion awarded


The Modules are directed learning courses for each procedure. Each Module contains several videos that go step-by-step and gives an organized coverage of the procedure, and at the completion of a Module, a Certificate of Completion is provided by Alinsod Institute. The Modules are all individually priced, and not part of the monthly subscription. However, all videos that are part of every module, are available individually with the monthly subscription and they will be marked with the Red Subscription button in the bottom left corner.

The Available Modules are:

Module S1 $7500 – (29 videos) Labia Minoraplasty wClitoral Hood
Module S2 $7500 (14 videos) Labia Majoraplasty
Module S3 $3500 (8 videos) Clitoral Hood Reduction
Module S4 $4500 (10 videos) Perineoplasty
Module S5 $8000 (19 videos) Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty
Module S6 $5500 – (2 videos) Hymenoplasty
Module S7 $3500 (12 videos) Botched Feathering Revision Surgery
Module S8 $5000 – (8 videos) Combination Labial Surgery
Module S9 $5000 (9 videos) Combination Labial/Vaginal Surgery
Module S10 – $25,000 (47 videos) Labia Workshop
Module S14 $1500 (3 videos) External Anal Skin Tag Reduction
Module S16 $4000 (12 videos) Core Labiaplasty
Module NS1 $2500 (15 videos) Synergy O-shot® and RF Training

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