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The RIM Look is the most common appearance patients obtain with labial surgery worldwide. Precise labial reduction leaves a smaller rim of labia minora below the level of the labia majora to reduce its prominence and increase patient comfort. It is the most conservative of Dr. Alinsod’s labia minora plasty techniques.

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Dr. Alinsod’s development of the Barbie or Smooth Look is a more aggressive reduction of the labia minora to the point of complete excision. It leaves a refined look and elliminates the pulling and tugging sensations women often encounter. This is the most requested technique of labial surgery Dr. Alinsod performs and the most popular appearance wanted on the West Coast.

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The Hybrid Look combines the RIM and Barbie to leave a very fine, petite, natural looking hint of a rim around the vaginal opening; less labia than a RIM Look and more labia than a Barbie Look. The Hybrid look, developed by Dr. Alinsod and his personal favorite, is more technically difficult to achieve and requires extreme precision techniques and tools.

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This procedure is to reduce the size of the labia majora and remove the excess saggy skin that makes the vulvar area loose and “open” in appearance. It is the preferred technique to fat transfers into the majora that tend to make the entire area more puffy in appearance and more sweaty in daily life.

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This special section shows many labial and vulvar surgeries performed by other surgeons around the world that have had sub-optimal results. Dr. Alinsod specializes in “Botched Labiaplasty Revisions” and welcomes those who have been unhappy with their labial or vaginal surgeries done elsewhere.

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